SACWSD Administration Building

Project Details:

    South Adams County Water & Sanitation
    Commerce City, CO
    $3.3 Million
    Anderson Hallas Architects
    dcb Construction, Inc.
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The South Adams County Water and Sanitation District Stevenson Administration Building is approximately 20,000 SF and was designed to blend with the existing neighborhood while providing a much needed new administration facility for the community.  As with any publicly funded building, DCS worked closely with local community members to ensure a locally sensitive development process was provided. 

This project presented some unique challenges that with careful planning and attention to detail, DCS was able to help the District overcome. In initial phases of program identification and development our firm helped the District to realize that they did not need to abandon their existing site and purchase additional property. With the addition of a basement to the new planned building, the District was able to remain in their current location, saving new property acquisition costs while continuing to remain accessible to their customers.  The entire project was completed in less than 18 months, and it included three major phases, all while the existing building remained open and fully operational until it was demolished to make room for the new parking lot.

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