University of Colorado

Site-Based Flood Gate Program

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    University of Colorado
    Boulder, CO
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DCS was selected as the program manager, project manager and civil engineer for the University of Colorado’s site-based flood gate installation program, pioneered on the university’s east research campus, on the north bank of Boulder Creek. The initial program area is exposed to flood risk from the north, from Boulder Creek flows split to Arapahoe Avenue, from the west, from overbank flows between the creek channel and Arapahoe, and from the south with the creek channel proper. 

The program is a multiphase/multiyear initiative conceived to better protect buildings and site facilities on a more extensive and reliable basis than prior flood protection programs. The university had invested previously in building-by-building flood door protection systems, but had come to find these undesirable due to initial cost, reliability concerns and issues, but especially building impacts and ongoing maintenance and operations costs. 

DCS assisted the university in establishing an appropriate site-based flood gate standard, and has thus far provided the PM/engineering design/CD’s/GC orientation and training, and CA for five gate installations. The gates specified and utilized do not require any electric power, controls, human operation, nor special installation or operation equipment. They require little to no maintenance, and can be made to look unobtrusive with site areas. DCS was able to find opportunities to integrate required accessory wing wall structures into building architecture, to look like original architectural elements of building entry areas, including matching masonry.  

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