Victory Preparatory Academy

Project Details:

    Commerce City, CO
    $11.2M Overall, $8.7M Construction Including Tech. & FF&E
    Cunningham Group Architecture, Inc.
    Golden Triangle Construction, Inc.
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About Image

Victory Preparatory Academy is a three-story, 52,000 SF charter high school in Commerce City, Colorado. It features a nontraditional design with contemporary aspects. The format is largely based on a college preparatory school, and programming follows that of a small college, with lecture halls and business-influenced curriculum. DCS provided comprehensive owner’s representative, program and project management services and served as the project civil engineer for site design and coordination.

Victory Prep was developed on a six-acre site and was encumbered with several challenges logistically and from a jurisdictional stand point with site planning. Some of the most notable challenges that DCS assisted the school to work through were tight budget and schedule, traffic queuing, fire access that in essence would create a public drive through the middle of the site with heavy student activity and finding space to build an athletic field. The school’s program would normally support a nine-acre site minimally but given the six acres to work with, there was very little space for error, making every square foot of the critical. This ultimately lead to the 3-story design of the building, which is typically unheard of with schools, but allowed for us to reduce the building footprint and gain valuable site area. With a limited budget of $135/SF, certain aspects of the design were strategically delayed and then added later, once savings were realized. Each addition to the project required careful management to ensure that it did not delay the already tight nine-month construction schedule.

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