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Without exception John (Sattler) and his team provided myself and the Board with outstanding real estate, development and construction expertise. They made sure we knew what to expect at every turn and helped us evaluate the options before taking action to implement our decisions. Even if we didn’t recognize the value real-time, we are able to look back and understand much more clearly how important their leadership was for the projects.

Kevin Vincel Fire Chief South Adams County Fire Department

“Working with John (Sattler) and the team at DCS was honestly better than anything I could have imagined. From start to finish, they put the school and our needs above every other motivation. If you had told me at the beginning of this project that we would deliver our brand new building ahead of schedule and under budget, and that the process would actually be enjoyable, I would have laughed you out of the room. But that is exactly what we got from our partnership with DCS.”

Jill Carty Tew Director of Operations and Innovation Roots Elementary School

“For myself, personally, the three best qualities of the people in this organization are their honesty, integrity, and their commitment to their client. Some owner’s representative firms will “talk the talk” but are actually more aligned with the architects and contractors because they will meet them down the road on another project. John (Sattler) will be the first to tell you they work for the owner and no one else.”

Richard B. Hawley Director of Support Services Weld County School District RE-8

Jeff (Reed) had full understanding of what we had and where we wanted to go. He saved the district time and money by being the go-between and communicating with the architects, the builders, the movers, the project super, the attorney, BEST, etc. It was not uncommon to meet with Jeff weekly (often twice a week) and to speak daily at the peak of the project. His responsiveness to the project was immediate and thorough.

Sharon Green Superintendent Revere School District

...John (Sattler) was able to move the process forward and keep the owner, architect and contractor functioning as a unified team. When the district's steering committee was split on design decisions, John was able to break the deadlock and create consensus. ...John negotiated long and hard to write a construction contract that kept change orders at an unbelievably low level. When schedule difficulties arose, John was the one who worked out solutions that met the district's needs...

Paul Haack Principal Anderson Mason Dale Architects