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[DCS] naturally reached out to administration, parents, board members and staff to include others in their strategic thinking and decision-making. I'm not sure they ever met a challenge for which they couldn't tackle and develop a sound, successful solution.

DR. CINDY COMPTON Director Swallows Charter Academy

[DCS is] reliable, dependable and trustworthy, and demonstrate a commitment to meeting the needs of their clients. ...You will be fortunate to have the chance to work with them on any project where you desire commitment and excellence.

THOMAS GOODHEW Architect/Facilities Planner Dept. of Facilities Management University of Colorado, Boulder Campus

[DCS's] emphasis of the educational program as the key driver to any dollars spent has been a guiding light to our decision process, coupled with the aforementioned emphasis is John's commitment to budget and schedule. Keeping focus on these three tenets, [DCS] has successfully delivered a tremendous amount of value to our organization during a crucial time period for the district.

MARK RYDBERG Director of Finance Moffat County School District RE-1

Now that the project is finalizing, I can look back and say I enjoyed the process much more because of DCS. They were professionals who encouraged us to laugh and enjoy the moment, and who shouldered the stress when they could. Jeff (Reed) and Aubree (Thomson) are reliable, hardworking, and a pleasure to be around. They started out as professional colleagues and ended up as friends.

SHARON GREEN Superintendent Revere School District