Alta Vista Charter School

Project Details:

    Lamar School District
    Lamar, CO
    $6.085 Million
    SLATTERPAULL Architects
    JHL Constructors, Inc.
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Recipient of the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Verified Leader Recognition (First CHPS recognition given in Colorado.)  

Alta Vista Charter School in Lamar, Colorado (managed under Jeff Reed, DCS principal) was constructed in 2011. Mr. Reed served as principal in charge and managed this project from master plan to completion. The 93-year-old, 6,900 square foot Alta Vista Charter School was under the guidance of the Colorado Historical Society and the BEST grant program. The scope of services included:

  • Coordination of design team and Colorado Historical Society
  • Brick repointing & mortar analysis
  • Reuse of brick at restoration of the front entry where non-historical sections of the building were removed.
  • Restoration and replication of the front entry to original design (based on research and photos taken from the 1920’s).
           This included replicating the door hardware.
  • Complete gutting of the interior to the original studs, maintaining original skeleton frame as much as possible.
  • Custom ripped studs to match existing stud dimension.
  • Cleaning of existing heating radiators in their original location while implementing the new HVAC system
           to meet code and CO-CHPS requirement.
  • Integrating ADA access with the installation of an elevator.

Alta Vista Charter School is nationally recognized as a leader in health and green school design. The renovation process included the use of super-insulated walls, daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors, and a geo-exchange heat pump system for heating and cooling to drastically increase energy efficiency. Initial utility data indicate that it is one of the best-performing schools in Colorado in terms of energy usage per square foot. The project also salvaged as much of the original structure as possible, uses low-flow plumbing fixtures, and made extra efforts to recycle construction waste in the rural Colorado location. The scope mentioned was completed within the summer break a total of six weeks out of the total project duration of six months. Upfront planning and coordination with the design team, the Colorado Historical Society, and the general contractor allowed for the success of the restoration efforts in six weeks.

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